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Updated as of 4 October, 2021

Today is Thu, Jan 27

Our next delivery schedule will be on Friday, October 22 (Batch 39).

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General FAQ

We look forward to serving you.

This Week’s Operations | Delivery Schedule

Our next delivery schedule will be on Friday, October 22 (Batch 39).

Next Week’s Operations/Delivery Schedule

Fri, Feb 4

Delivery Time Window

11:00 – 12:00 AM (Lunch Time)
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Dinner Time)

In the main menu (from the Homepage), you can click “Login | Register”. 

Register for an account

You can use your Facebook or Gmail credentials to make an account. If you do want to use your Facbook or Gmail credentials, you can proceed to make an account by submitting a username and password.

Once you are able to login successfully you will be redirected to the Homepage. In the main menu, find “My Orders” to access your orders dashboard.

Pro Tip: A 10% discount is applied on your first order. In your My Orders dashboard, click My Coupons tab to see your 10% discount coupon is active. Once you place a preorder, the 10% discount is applied automatically.

At the moment, our schedule of delivery is every Friday.

A pre-order is an order placed before our schedule of delivery.

Our cut-off time for preorders is every Thursday at 10 PM. We usually extend the cut-off time until Friday, 8 AM.

This allows us to better manage all preorders made during the week. With this setup, we are also able to manage and avoid cancellations.

1. Preorder via Website

From the Homepage > Place a Preorder, then you will be redirected to the Preorder page.

Select what product to preorder by clicking the Select Options. A pop up will appear and click “Add to Cart”.

Pro Tip: You can also select if you want extra add ons such as our home-made garlic sauce or hot sauce before clicking “Add to Cart”.

Once “Add to Cart” is clicked, a mini-cart pop-up will appear, you can change the quantity accordingly. 

Pro Tip: If your total amount of your cart reaches an amount of ₱1,500, Free Delivery will be automatically set as your delivery option. No need to worry about paying additional Delivery Fee.

The next step is to fill-out the checkout form by clicking the “Checkout” button in your mini-cart popup. 

By default you can guest checkout, meaning you don’t have to create an account to place a preorder. 

But if you have already created with us, you can log in on the checkout page. Once you are able login, you will be redirected to your My Orders page. You can go back to the checkout page by clicking the “Checkout” in your My Orders dashboards menu.

*Required Fields*

This is for ordering purposes only and will only be used to process your order.

First Name


Mobile Number

Delivery Zone (choose Mega Manila or Filinvest East Homes)


Delivery Address | Drop-off Address

Review the items you are about to order and also ensure that the checkout fields have the right entries or values such as your First Name and Email.

Google Address Locator Tool

You can search for your Delivery Address in the Google Address Locator Tool then copy-paste the address returned and put it in the checkout field under Delivery Address. 

This will ensure that you will have the correct Delivery Fee from Mr. Speedy.

Pro Tip: You can set your Delivery Address so that you don’t have to input the address on your next order. Go to your My Orders dashboard and choose My Addresses. From there you can set your delivery address accordingly. Please put the complete address (including city and country).

Delivery Zone 

Mega Manila – for buyers within Metro Manila and selected cities in Rizal only.

Filinvest East Homes – if you are a resident of Filinvest East Homes, choose this option. Free Delivery option will be made available automatically on the checkout and if your total order amount is ₱250 minimum.


Choose your city accordingly.

Select Delivery Schedule

You can select a Delivery Date and Delivery Time. Our schedule will always be announced on our social media pages and on our website. 

Choose a Delivery Date and Delivery Time accordingly.

Additional Information

Nearest Landmark

If your Delivery Address is hard to find, you can describe the nearest Landmark.

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions for your orders. You can put it here. 

Payment Options

Choose what payment option for your order. 

Pay via GCash | BPI 

We have GCash and BPI as our current payment options. Payment will be made offline which basically means you will be making the payment via GCash app or BPI app. 

You can find and download our QRs from this FAQ page.

Once you click the “Place Preorder” button, you will be receiving an email notification from us with your Order Details | Summary and that your Order is “On-hold” status. 

If you are able to transfer your payment to us, we will change the status of your order to “Processing”. You will be receiving an email notification as well.

Pay via PayPal | Debit Card | Credit Card

If you choose this option you will be redirected to the payment gateway of PayPal. Please ensure to follow the instructions by PayPal to have a smooth transaction experience. If you don’t have a PayPal account, PayPal allows you to pay via Credit | Debit Card without a PayPal account.

Once payment has been made, you will be receiving an email notification from PayPal with the payment transaction details. We will also send you an email with the summary of your Order Details and informing you that your Order is now Processing.

You can go to your My Account Dashboard to check the status of your preorder.

That’s it. Just sit tight and wait while we fulfill your preorder.

2. Chat us in Messenger

We are active on Messenger. Looking forward to assisting you with your preorder inquiries. 🙏

send us a message

3. DM our IG page

Are you more active on IG? No worries.

Follow our IG page and send us a DM. 

Follow our IG Page 👇

Golden Shawarma

Minimum Order Amount
Please be advised that our minimum order amount is ₱250 or the value of two regular shawarmas.

You will be redirected to the Cart page if you tried to checkout with an order amount that is less than our minimum threshold. Add items or change the quantity of your order accordingly to fulfill our minimum amount and click “Proceed to Checkout”.

Message us first if you are attempting to order on the day of our schedule. 

We will not be able to accommodate or fulfill any same-day orders, but you can message us in Messenger or contact us via Call or SMS. 

We recommend that you place a preorder ahead of our Delivery Schedule.

You can find this week’s schedule here.

Our next delivery schedule will be on Friday, October 22 (Batch 39).

We can arrange deliveries scheduled after 6PM on a case-to-case basis (depends on your delivery location). Please message us first via messenger or Instagram and wait for our reply.

But by default, our delivery slots are only until 6PM.

Unexpected circumstances can happen. 😔

We would usually message you on the day before the delivery to ask you if there are any changes to the order or if you can advance pay via Gcash or BPI.

Then on the day of delivery, we will reach out to you again. If all is well, please be available to receive the order. 👍

Should you decide to cancel on the day before the delivery schedule, just provide us a valid reason why you are canceling at the last minute. We will understand. No worries. 👍 But please try to avoid cancellations on the day of delivery if you can.

When you make an account with us, you will have your Dashboard to track the status of your orders, get the tracking link from Mr. Speedy (once it is made available) and receive status notifications from us. 

Place a Preorder 

If you click this, you will be redirected to the “Preorder” page.


Here you will see all the orders that have been placed by you.


You will be redirected to the checkout page. 

Pro Tip: If you login from the Checkout page, you will be redirected to your My Orders Dashboard. Click “Checkout” to go back to the Checkout page to finalize and submit your preorder.

My Coupons

You will also see your Active and Used discount coupons.

Pro Tip: By making an account with us, a 10% discount coupon will be applied automatically on your first order. This is valid for orders with a minimum spend of ₱250 or the value of two regular shawarmas. That’s already a discount of ₱25. Now that is a deal indeed!

My Addresses

You can set your Delivery Address here.

Pro Tip: You can copy the address you searched in the Google Address Locator in the “Checkout” page and paste it here. By doing this, your Delivery Address | Drop-off Address will be automatically prefilled.

Account Details

Here you can set your First Name, Last Name and your display name. You can alse set your email address.

Pro Tip: By doing this, your Checkout fields will be automatically prefilled if you login first and try to place a preorder. If you see an empty checkout field, try to place your name first and check if the rest of the fields are automatically filled.


This option is disabled for now. No action is needed here.


Logout from your account, You will be redirected to the homepage. 

The My Orders Dashboard is your visual tool to keep track of the preorders you made in Golden Shawarma. Aside from this, you will also receive email notifications from Golden Shawarma.

Pro Tip: We will have exclusive discount coupons for you in the near future. You can see all the available discounts coupons we offer for our valued buyers.

At the moment, we operate and make shawarmas at our home kitchen. The current option we have right now is Home Delivery or Self-Pickup. 

We accept preorders via Messenger, FB, IG or through our website. 

Delivery FAQ

We offer Free Delivery if the buyer is located inside Filinvest East Homes.

Pro Tip: In the Delivery Zone, choose Filinvest East Homes from the drop-down selection. You can now choose Free Delivery as a delivery option. The minimum amount is ₱250 or two regular shawarmas.

Choose Mega Manila, if your delivery location is within Metro Manila and Rizal. Choose your corresponding city. Delivery Zone and City are required fields in the “Checkout” page, please choose accordingly to have a smooth checkout experience.

If you happen to use an address outside of our Delivery Zone, we will not be processing your order by default. No worries, you can reach out to us in any case if you have doubts or had accidentally used an incomplete address.

How much is the Delivery Fee?

The Delivery Fee you will see in the checkout page is real-time Delivery Fee provided by the Mr. Speedy’s system. If you choose Mr. Speedy as the Delivery Option, it will be included in your total order amount.

You can choose another courier service of your choice by selecting “Choose another courier service” on the checkout page. The Delivery Fee will not be included in the total order amount. You can book the delivery yourself or let us know if we will book it for you. We will send you the Delivery Fee first before we confirm the booking on our end.

Pro Tip: Choose Mr. Speedy to have a faster checkout experience. Please ensure that the address in your Delivery Address field is the same one you got from the Google Address Locator Tool. Otherwise you may not get an accurate Delivery Fee.

If you have put the wrong or an incomplete address, this might result in a wrong Delivery Fee for your intended address. We can adjust your order amount to be deducted or added in your total order amount to offset the actual Delivery Fee. We cannot change the Delivery Fee amount anymore once the preorder is placed.

Pro Tip: Copy the address you got from the Google Address Locator Tool and paste the contents in the Delivery Address | Drop-off Address field in the “Checkout” page to ensure an accurate Delivery Fee from Mr. Speedy.

We do not have an in-house delivery at the moment. Our current Delivery Partner is Borzo (formerly Mr. Speedy). 

We chose Borzo for their competitive rate and no-fail service in delivering our products to our buyers.

You can check the status of your orders by going to your “My Orders” dashboard and clicking “Orders”. You will see the status of your order. If you click “View” you will see the “Order Notes” section. 

We will put under your “Order Notes”, the tracking link from Mr. Speedy once it is available. We will also cascade this tracking link to you via email or in Messenger.

If the delivery is picked up by Mr. Speedy from our location, your order status will be “En Route”. Once the delivery is completed, the status of your order will be “Completed” and you will also receive an email notification from us.

Yes, you can. Just select “I will self-pickup the order” in the Delivery Location field. You can pick up your Shawarmas/Kabsa orders on our specified schedule for the week.

Also, select the Delivery Date and Time accordingly on the “Checkout” page. We usually announce our weekly schedule for delivery and self-pickup in advance.

We do recommend choosing Delivery to minimize exposure and to discourage travel especially (or in case) we need to comply with any new minimum health standard imposed by Cainta LGU or by Filinvest East Homes.

In any case, you can always reach out to us if you have further questions regarding this.

We have partnered with Borzo to give you a real-time Delivery Fee so that you can see and select on the Checkout page. 

But in case you would like to book a delivery using a delivery courier of your choice, let us know. You can then choose “Book another courier” on the “Checkout” page.

If you choose this option, “Book another courier”, then no Delivery Fee will be added to your order.

Make sure to prepare the amount on the day of delivery since you will be shouldering the Delivery Fee (as the Delivery Fee/payment will be picked up by the courier in the drop-off or the buyer’s address). With this in mind, there will be no delays with the delivery. 

Pro Tip: You can choose Borzo as the Delivery option for a much smoother checkout experience with us.

By default we only accept preorders fo buyers located in Metro Manila and Rizal.

As long as Mr. Speedy (or GrabExpress | LalaMove, etc.) caters to your area e.g. if you are located in Laguna or Cavite then we can accommodate your request.

If you have made a mistake of putting the wrong location or address in the checkout page, you can reach out us via Messenger, IG, SMS so we can further assist you.

Payment FAQ

Online Transfer

– GCash
– PayPal
– Debit Card | Credit Card via PayPal
– BDO Checkout (coming soon)
– Cryptocurrency (coming soon)

Click the button below to copy my GCash Number

We do not offer COD at the moment.

We encourage cashless payments for our preorders so we don’t offer COD at the moment.

Once payment is received, we will process your order.

Thank you for understanding.

Send us a message if you have further questions regarding this.

Please see “How to Preorder” section of this FAQ for more information.

Our current Payment Options

BPI or GCash.

You can download our QRs below. Download our QRs so you can easily find or see them in your next online transfer.

GCash Payment QR

BPI Payment QR

Pay via PayPal. When you select this payment method on the checkout page, you will be redirected to PayPal.

You can also pay using your Debit | Credit Card without a PayPal account. The PayPal payment gateway is secure and your payment details are protected by PayPal.

Please note that we do not store card/bank details since you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase.

Below are the instructions to transfer an amount via QR from your BPI account.

How to transfer money via QR Code

1. Log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app then select “Transfer Money.”
2. Fill in the details and select “Transfer to 3rd party.”
3. Upload/scan the recipient’s QR code.
4. Confirm the details of your transaction. Tap on “Confirm.”
5. Use Mobile Key or enter your One-Time PIN (OTP) then select “Submit.”

Golden Shawarma’s BPI 

Let us know if you need assistance with the steps. Please don’t send any amount if you are having doubts.

Sending Gcash money just got simpler! Send via QR for faster and safer send money transactions. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Log in to your GCash App and tap “Send Money” on your dashboard.
Step 2. Tap “Send via QR”
Step 3. Scan the QR inside the frame or upload a saved QR from your photos.
   via Photos. If you saved the QR in your photos, just tap Upload QR Code, and select the QR in your photos
Step 4. Input the necessary information on the fields provided, then tap “Next”.
Step 5. Review the details that you provided then tap “Send”.

Golden Shawarma’s Gcash QR Code

Let us know if you need assistance with the steps.

Please don’t send any amount if you are having doubts.

Where are you located?

We are located in Filinvest East Homes, Cainta.

Ready to Preorder? We look forward to satisfying your cravings with our delectable Homestyle Shawarma & Kabsa!

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