Ridiculously Specific Playlist: Fruits

Fruits are healthy and luscious at the same time. And so is this playlist. Have fun with the different flavors of alternative pop, indie, funk, electronic and R&B for your listening pleasure.
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Glass Animals - Tangerine (Official Video)

Yuno - Grapefruit (Audio)

CHROMATICS "CHERRY" (Official Video)


MAX - Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Official Music Video]

mango (freestyle / process) [official audio]

Peach Tree Rascals - I'm Sorry (Official Music Video)

Miguel - Pineapple Skies (Audio)

Peach - Kevin Abstract

Dominic Fike - Aรงaรญ Bowl (Official Audio)

CLAY - orange

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

Maude Latour - Superfruit

MARINA - Orange Trees [Official Music Video]

Drake - Passionfruit (Original ver.) | Lyrics

Grouplove - "Raspberry" [OFFICIAL AUDIO]


sam.sts - Applesauce (Music Video)

Brooklyn Kohl - "Jackfruit"

The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine (Audio)


BICEP | APRICOTS (Official Video)

We regularly update this playlist.

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