Pop Playlist – Top Picks | Episode 2

In the second run of our Top Picks for Pop, we select fresh tracks from new artists that should be on your playlist radar, the likes of Mimi Webb and Sabrina Carpenter. These fresh, catchy tunes from a new breed of angsty Gen-Z artists (and some pop alumni) are enough to make you sing at the top of your lungs. These songs have been on repeat on our Spotify.
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Coldplay X BTS - My Universe (Official Lyric Video)

Princess Nokia - Boys Are From Mars (Lyric Video) ft. Yung Baby Tate

L Devine - Die on the Dancefloor (Official Video)

MASN - Strawberry Huracan (Lyric Video)

Blake Rose - Movie (Lyrics)

We Don't Sleep

Alex Warren - Screaming Underwater (Lyrics)

Jenna Raine - see you later (Lyrics)

Oh Wonder - 22 Break (Official Video)

Forest Blakk - Fall Into Me (Official Music Video)

Trevor Daniel - Alone (Official Video)

G-Eazy - Breakdown (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato

Alec Benjamin - Older (Lyrics)

Noah Kahan - Someone Like You ft. Joy Oladokun

iann dior ft. Lil Uzi Vert - V12 (Clean - Lyrics)

Mimi Webb - 24/5 (Official Music Video)

Virginia To Vegas, MacKenzie Porter - this sucks. (Lyric Video)

Sabrina Carpenter - Skinny Dipping

LILHUDDY - Partycrasher (Lyrics)

bad for me

Dounia - Smoke & Slow Dance (Official Video)

Naliya - Whatever [Lyric Video]

Andi - Money (Lyrics)

Valerie Broussard - Drive (Lyrics)


Brandyn Burnette - Everything ft. Charlotte Sands [Lyric Video]

ROSIE - Social Stamina (Lyrics)

Blake Rose - Casanova (Lyrics)

Alaina Castillo - Lips (Lyrics)

Ben Kessler with Lizzy McAlpine - I Think I (Official Audio)

Luz - permanent +1 (Lyrics)

Carlie Hanson - Off My Neck (Lyrics)

Avery Lynch - Sh*t People (Official Audio)

Nina Nesbitt - Summer Fling (Official Video)

Cate - Stupid (Lyric Video)

Jonah Kagen - Wish You Did (Official Video)


We regularly update this playlist.

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